For our division Steel we supply a whole range of products and equipment for the heat treatment industry. We always work in close collaboration with our professional and industrial clients to find the best suited solutions.

We also give full service maintenance and repair for all heat treatment equipment.

Our ranges of furnaces go from 30°C till 3000°C:

Muffle Furnaces
Preheating Furnaces
Ashing Furnaces
Tube Furnaces
High-Temperature Ovens
Chamber Furnaces
Melting Furnaces
High-Temperature Furnaces
Retort Furnaces
Vacuum Furnaces
Mar tempering Furnaces using Neutral Salt
Salt-Bath Furnaces using Neutral or Active Salt

Brazing Furnaces
Clean Room Furnaces
Industrial Furnaces
Holding Furnaces
Transporting Furnaces
Drying Furnaces
Thermal Decorating Furnaces
Dewaxing Furnaces
Lab furnaces for sintering
Burnout Furnaces
Model casting Furnaces
Dental furnaces

Our equipment for Heat Treatment:

Solution Annealing
Artificial Aging
Soft Annealing
Protective Gas Boxes
Hardening Systems
Quenching Baths
Charging Plates

Heat resistant Gloves
Charging Baskets
Hardness Testers
Heat-Resistant Face Mask
Insulating Materials
Protective Gas Hardening Systems
Tool Shop Hardening Systems
Stainless Steel Heat Treating Foil to avoid Surface Reactions
Annealing and Hardening Treating Foils
Accessory Equipment for Processing Bags
Envelopes and Foils
Annealing Envelopes
Annealing Bags
Hardening Boxes, and more

Our Chemicals for Heat Treatment:

Hardening Oils
Quench Water Additives
Insulating Materials
Neutral Annealing Coal

Carburizing Powder and Granulate
Nitriding Powder
Boriding Powder
A whole variety of stop-off paints