A little history


May 2009: Ojoka Keramiek GCV was started at Lokeren, by the current managing director Johan De Paepe. At that time, Ojoka was aimed at production and sales of ceramic materials on a small scale.

Midway 2011: The Company Van Leemputten at Lier, where Johan De Paepe was a full time shop manager since early 2009, was dissolved and the trademark Van Leemputten was taken over by the company Colpaert, nowadays Colpaert-Van Leemputten Bvba.Today Colpaert is regarded as the specialist for the professional and amateur sculptor and ceramist in Belgium.

At the same time, OJOKA Keramiek GCV performs a capital increase and changes its name into Ojoka Ceramics Steel Animal Feed Additives BVBA, and further specializes in the heat treatment industry and in additives for animal feed. Production within the ceramics industry gets simultaneously reduced.
In the same year agreements get renewed with leading European companies specialized in the heat treatment industry where Van Leemputten worked with for decades.

In the same year:
OJOKA CSA BVBA signs an exclusive distribution contract with the English firm Goonvean Ltd for the distribution of their Opal Kaolin range for Animal Feed.

Mid 2012:
OJOKA CSA BVBA signs an exclusive contract with the French firm NEOVIA, part of the InVivo Nsa group for the distribution of their entire portfolio of additives for animal feed in Belgium.

End 2014:
OJOKA CSA BVBA ends collaboration with Neovia. Ojoka stops all GMP certified activities.

OJOKA CSA BVBA is no longer  a GMP certified company.